Links for 07/03/17

The editors of El Pais render their initial verdict on President Trump and it is more forceful and articulate than most gringo newspapers.

At the Washington Post, Benjamin Soskis asks if traditional approaches to philanthropy are the best? I have a deeper question: Why should people of such astonishing wealth get to decide how other people are helped with no accountability whatsoever? How about we tax the hell out of them and then we all get a say in how that money is spent!

Also at the Post, a look at how Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt wants to launch a government wide effort to throw doubt on the scientific data about climate change. Next up? Evolution?

In all the discussion about Trump's tweet showing him in a professional wrestling match, in which the man's head Trump is beating on is replaced with a CNN logo, has no one pointed out: professional wrestling is fake. Just like everything about Trump....except the fact he really is president. That is the scary part. 

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