Links for 07/05/17

At RNS, Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso on what the Lord Jesus would have to say to those Attorneys General who want to deport Dreamers. Bishop Seitz has become one of the foremost champions of the undocumented and their families which makes sense. His see city was once united politically and ecclesiastically with what is Ciudad Juarez on the other side of the river. So, in a sense, it is wrong to say that the Latinos cross the border. The border crossed them. 

At Politico, a look at some of the nation's most interesting mayors. There is no job more important to have in a presidential candidate's CV than mayor because the issues you deal with are mostly not partisan and you need to get results, and can't blame it on the legislature if you don't. 

At Vatican Insider, Pope Francis shows how it is done, meeting with a group of women who are divorced or separated and who sought solace in the Church.

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