Links for 07/06/16

At America, Michael O'Loughlin reports on efforts by prominent Democrats to encourage the party to adopt a "big tent" approach to the abortion issue. Kudos to all those quoted in this piece: Professor Schneck, Sr. Simone, Chris Hale and Steve Krueger. It is not only that they are correct on the merits. It is the case that unless Catholics who are Democrats stop being cheap dates, the extreme abortion rights advocates will take over the party and good public servants like Sen. Tim Kaine will be kept from being selected as a Veep choice because he dared to say that he is opposed to abortion.  

At Politico, a look at Tim Kaine's "Abortion Predicament." To be clear, I think Kaine should have more of a predicament than he does. That said, are these extreme pro-abortion folk really saying there is, in effect, a religious test for office? That no believing Catholic can be elected because we oppose abortion even if that opposition is only personal? 

Sources tell me that this week the USCCB begins its in-house "town meetings" at which staff, or at least the staff that has not already fled or been fired, gather over lunch to discuss issues of common concern. Call me skeptical but I suspect these meetings will have all the candor and spontaneity of this:


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