Links for 07/07/16

My colleague Tom Roberts reported last week about the Public Religion Research Institute's new study. In light of Mr. Trump's repeated praise for Saddam Hussein's handling of terrorism, which is wrong on the facts, it is good to look at the numbers in the PRRI survey regarding fears about Islam. They are not happy numbers. Every time there is a terror attack between now and election day, I fear that Trump's chances improve which, of course, is a big incentive for ISIS.  

In an audience with pilgrimage group of the poor and homeless from Lyon, the Holy Father urged them to pray for the conversion of the rich. La Stamp has the story. That will take a lot of prayer. And, I wonder, when your typical U.S. bishop meets with donors or attends a fancy fundraising dinner, or say when he attends a meeting of the RC one percent known as the Napa Institute, does he enter the room and see a roomful of people in need of conversion? 

Speaking of bishops, the news from Rome this morning is stunning. Great thankfulness and praise:




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