Links for 07/07/17

The tragic case of Charlie Gard continues to cause controversy, but most of it is healthy discussion. The always thoughtful Austen Ivereigh defends the doctors and the courts and thinks Charlie Camosy and I are overwrought in our statement of the case. At America, Michael Redinger argues that some of us who have criticized the courts' decisions are misapplying Catholic teaching. Camosy has responded here. I will leave the heavy theological lifting to Camosy, but I do pose this question to Ivereigh et al.: How can we "accompany" these parents as the Holy Father has called us to do if we are telling them that all their effort to raise money for the experimental treatment was for naught? I imagine they would, understandably, not have ears to hear our repeated promises of love and accompaniment. 

The same could be said of this from the pen of Archbishop Charles Chaput. Does he really think he can accompany people in the LGBT community if the first thing out of his mouth are quotes from Paul's Letter to the Romans? We love you but you are an abomination to us. Yeesh. Compare +Chaput's column with this sermon by Pope Francis delivered to the workers at Vatican City: "We all have college degrees in sin." 

Hobby Lobby, if contraception mandate fame, cares so much about the Bible, they were willing to overlook the seventh commandment against stealing to smuggle artifacts out of Iraq. Politico has the story about the $3 million fine they have to pay. 

At the Washington Post, well, just read it and weep.


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