Links for 07/11/17

At Commonweal, John Gehring has an article that is thought-provoking but ultimately unsatisfying: If we see Neil Postman as prophetic, I worry that somehow Charles Chaput will seem more persuasive. The Huxley fear of a people drunk on trivialities is not misplaced, and it foresaw the downside of mass marketing that became such a focus for social criticism in the 1950s, but the problem is as much the evisceration of the local as it is the advent of technology, and elite attitudes in the 30s and 50s were often as off-base as they are today. Gehring points to the "one neighborhood at a time" solution that is the only thing that will save American culture. But, then why cast "tribalism" as a negative? 

At RNS, Mark Silk encourages us to look past the headlines from the Supreme Court's decision in Trinity Lutheran v. Comer and, specifically, check out footnote # 3.Turns out 7 justices agreed with the result, but not with the Chief Justice's reasoning about how to get there.

An Aussie television reporter shows his American counterparts how to do a Trump piece. Brilliant:

And, from the Dominicans, a beautiful video of the ordination of former footballer Philip Mulryne, OP:


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