Links for 07/12/17

At the National Catholic Register, which is now an arm of the EWTN media conglomerate, an attack on Fr. Jim Martin, which doesn't really surprise, but I was surprised to learn that Professor Robert P. George apparently had his students spying on Fr. Martin. That is just plain creepy. 

Politico does a deep dive into Donald Trump Jr.'s long love affair with Russia. Mind you, I use to joke that the job for which I was suited by both nature and training was Tsar of All the Russias, but that was a joke. There is much to love about Russian culture. Their politics and business culture are not at the top of the list and I doubt Trump has been reading a lot of Pushkin.

In the Washington Post, two stories about man's ill effects on the environment. First, mass extinction of many species is likely without drastic remedial action. Second, an iceberg the size of Delaware just broke off Antarctica. Go back and re-read the attacks on Pope Francis for issuing Laudato Si' from, among others, Robbie George!


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