Links for 07/13/16

Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville, Texas posted a haunting statement from the Mexican bishops, 90 years ago, as they announced the cessation of public worship on account of the persecution of the Church. The ecclesiology of that statement may reflect duress, but it also points to something the Second Vatican Council would emphasize: All the baptized are charged with care for the Church and not just the clergy. Still, can you imagine the horror of being told that there will be no Mass for an indeterminate amount of time? 

From the file "the leadership of the Church better pay attention to Catholic media" this Catholic News Agency report makes it sound like Fr. Lombardi was going off on his own regarding Pope Francis' chat with Cardinal Sarah. I am guessing that Lombardo spoke with the pope and said what the pope wanted said. 

Also, on the Catholics media front, good news from Rome about new members of the Secretariat for Communications, including Washington's own Kim Daniels. This is a brilliant selection as Kim is not only very capable when it comes to media savvy but is very devoted to the Church and to Pope Francis. 

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