Links for 07/14/16

by Michael Sean Winters

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How bad are things in Puerto Rico? AP reports that two cancer clinics had their power cut off because they could not pay the electric bill. We are waiting for the control board to be appointed and one of their first tasks, surely, will be to begin revamping PREPA, the island's publicly held utility which has so far been resistant to developing sustainable energy. Puerto Rico has ample solar and wind power, but the island gets less than 1 percent of its power from sustainable sources and pays the highest electricity rates in the U.S. This affects all businesses and, now we know, all health clinics. 

Politico reports on the "Bernie or Bust" movement, last redoubt of the self-destructive left for this cycle. 

More evidence of the degree to which the pro-abortion orthodoxy has consumed the political left: Think Progress complains that "anti-choice" groups are "hijacking" the Black Lives Matter movement by issuing similar tweets. I have a question for our friends at Think Progress: Do black lives matter if they are unborn? And, is it a mere coincidence that just as blacks are more likely to get roughed up by police, black children are more likely to be aborted than white children? Have you checked into the racial thoughts of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood? (Hint: The photos of her addressing Klan rallies are not photoshopped!)

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