Links for 07/20/17

Last night, the news media played into President Trump's hands, leading with his criticism of his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This morning, Sessions said he has not plans to resign. Of course not: Sessions understand what none of us did all last year, that Trump plays by a different set of rules, he doesn't care how things look so much as he cares that people are focused on him and distracted from his failures. The big story yesterday was his attempt to coerce senators into backing the repeal of Obamacare. 

This would be funny if it was not so sad. Robbie George gives an interview to the National Catholic Register. Unsurprisingly, his vision is a dark one, and he trashes his political opponents who act "illegitimately" (not "wrongly") who have "gravely undermined" (not "focused on different values from mine and advanced a different type of constitutional interpretation") the foundations of our Republic. Then he talks about the lack of civility in public discourse. Yeesh. To compound the problem he cites his work (perhaps collaboration is a better word here) with his liberal colleague Cornell West. West famously said of President Barack Obama was "a Rockefeller Republican in black face" and also said Obama was the first "I WON'T EVEN TYPE IT" president. Civility? George and West deserve each other. At the end of the interview, George is asked which is his favorite saint and he replies: "Given that we may be entering another Diocletian age, I find myself increasingly drawn to St. Lucy." I do not see any evidence of a new Diocletian age, and to think one is in the offing suggests a lack of intellectual sanity. But, like most Americans my age, I Love Lucy!

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