Links for 07/26/16

by Michael Sean Winters

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At Medium, John Gehring of Faith in Public Life delivers a home run, arguing that if you ask if Tim Kaine is a "Pope Francis Catholic" you are asking the wrong question. I would compare Gehring's lucid and bracing treatment of this topic with the chest thumping of our Republican friends in the Bush years. Gehring's commentary is what moral seriousness looks like. 

Nicholas Kristof asks if Trump is a racist and concludes that, even though it is a loaded word he would prefer not to use, it is hard to think what else to call him given his lifetime of questionable racial behavior and attitudes. I would remind the "intrinsic evil brigade" that racism is an intrinsic evil.

In case you had any question whether or not Julian Assange was a horrible, horrible person, and I know some liberals thought him and Edward Snowden some kind of champions, explain this from the Guardian

On this feast day, and not counting her daughter, has anyone had more beautiful churches dedicated to her than St. Anne? One of my favorites is the Shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre just north of Quebec. I remember going there as a child and being overwhelmed by the beauty of the shrine's Romanesque interior. 

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