Links for 07/26/17

by Michael Sean Winters

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President Trump's popularity is on the wane, but is it enough? He won on the basis of 78,000 votes in three states and in all three of these, he is doing worse than he did on election day. And in 44 other states!

"Always be prepared to give an account of the hope that is within you in Christ Jesus," we are told in 1 Peter 3:15. This video of the post-ordination comments by the new Bishop of Davenport, Bishop Tom Zinkula, and this column by Bishop Stephen Bielger, the new Bishop of Cheyenne, make it easier to follow that instruction. I have not met Bishop Biegler. Bishop Zinkula was a classmate of mine in seminary and he was as unaffacted then as he is now. It warms the heart to see these young bishops emerging. 

At Al Jazeera, Austen Ivereigh debates Matthew Schmitz from First Things. I am so tired of converts telling us that the pope is not Catholic. 

After a weekend of protests, the President of Poland vetoed a law that would have essentially robbed the judiciary in that country of any independence. Which gives me a chance to put up one of my favorite national songs, the March Dabrowsky:



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