Links for 07/29/16

This is good news, but potentially more ambiguous than it seems: Turns out that Google searches for "voter registration" spiked during the Democratic convention. Let's hope these searches were undertaken by people excited to keep Trump far away from the White House, and not the reverse. As a rule, Republicans are not usually good at voter registration and you will recall that two of Trump's kids could not even vote for him in the New York primary because they were registered as Independents. 

This article by David Gibson is important reading and touches on something that struck me all week: The Democrats were making a concerted effort to put religion front and center in Philadelphia. Yet, as he notes, there are plenty of leftie groups that detest traditional religious groups. And, the secular groups bring tons of money to the table whereas most religious groups spend their money actually helping people. Would a leftie Catholic please hit the lottery or something. 

Unhappy blast from the past: Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who was once a darling of the left, and ran as the Green Party candidate in 2008, wants to place the blame for the recent terrorist attacks in Europe on, you guessed it, Israel. We can all keep singing "Kumbaya" and ignore the degree to which anti-Jewish sentiments have made a home on the left or we can confront and call out this nonsense for the vile bigotry that it is. And, you do not have to be as extreme as McKinney to be doing the Devil's work.

Why is a bishop publishing an article at a Republican website

At, Charlie Camosy has a round up of the media coverage of young, alternative pro-lifers. 

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