Links for 08/08/16

At Atlantic, Myriam Renaud on Hillary Clinton's Methodist upbringing and consequent ambivalence about abortion. It is not clear that her ambivalence ever makes its way into meaningful reform of our nation's abortion laws, which are the most permissive in the Western world. I hope that instead of denouncing her (and her running mate) pro-life advocates will seek to understand her ambivalence and convince her to come towards us, not obnoxiously drive her into the waiting arms of the pro-choice extremists. And, fascinating to know she consults the United Methodist Church's "Book of Resolutions" the way we wish more Catholic pols would consult the catechism. 

At RNS, David Gibson ably parses he significance of the USCCB's late Friday statement about same sex marriage and Vice President Biden. 

Also at RNS, Mark Silk on why the latest Atlanta Journal Constitution poll has Clinton beating Trump in Georgia. I had not realized that the percentage of voters who are white evangelicals had declined so rapidly in the Peach State. If on October 1, Trump is still behind in Georgia, or if it is even close, this thing is in the bag. 

At, a fascinating look at religious architecture that they label "cutting edge." Cutting edge or not, some of it is beautiful and some less so, but one gets the sense that modern religious architecture could become significant if those doing the design remember that churches must be beautiful. I love a nice gothic revival church as much as the next person, but we need some new architectural idioms too. 

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