Links for 08/15/16

Helen Razer at Daily Review beat me to the punch. The ubiquitous TV ad for Apple features a dreadful poem by Maya Angelou who was, as Razer points out, a great activist but a lousy poet. I got to know Ms. Angelou a bit during my years at Kramerbooks, and while I could not admire her work, I admired her personality, not least the ease with which she ordered and downed a gin and tonic at noon! When she walked into a room, she walked into a room. An amazing presence but listening to that poem endlessly play on the TV is grating beyond words.

The Holy Father at yesterday's Angelus was pretty remarkable. Do you think he is losing patience? I do, and I would look for increased evidence of his taking the bull(s) by the horns as needed. 

Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump's spokesperson, seems to be aiming for gold in the competition for "most over one's head spokesperson." Her latest? Obama is responsible for the war in Afghanistan. Politico, a report on Donald Trump campaigning in Connecticut. It is true the Donald will do better in my home state than some might think, but he was in the wrong end of the state if he was looking for his supporters (he should have gone to Connecticut's Second Congressional District in the eastern half of the state), and there will not be enough of them to carry Connecticut statewide. More evidence his campaign has NO IDEA what it is doing. 


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