Links for 08/19/16

From the file "things are not always what they seem." Our Republican friends have been touting the news that some insurance companies are dropping out of Obamacare exchanges as proof that the law does not work. According to this report at Vox, the reasons Aetna decided to drop out may have less to do with how the exchanges work and more to do with the administration's decision to ban a merger Aetna sought on anti-trust grounds.

At Huffington Post, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and state Sen. Jim Rosapepe on "Trump's Catholic Problem." I think their analysis is pretty spot on. The money quote: "You don’t have to be Catholic to understand Mr. Trump’s danger to the American dream — but it helps." And, I hope Team Clinton takes note of the linkage of ethnicity and Catholicism, and is deploying surrogates to Polish, Czech, Ukrainian and other European communities and media outlets, to talk about Trump's bromance with Putin and disregard for NATO.

Also at Huffington Post, CNN's Brianna Keiler takes down Trump's lawyer. Has anyone else noticed that the people Trump surrounds himself with tend to be really not very smart or, if smart, rather sinister? 

At First Things, Carl Trueman responds to my article on Archbishop Chaput. I am always up for a good exchange of ideas, but this response is so weak I do not think it warrants a response. Perhaps Professor Trueman should stick with analyzing Protestantism. 




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