Links for 08/19/16

At Commonweal, Massimo Faggioli points out the limits of subsidiarity in ecclesiology. This is, as he points out, an issue for the discussion of women deacons but even more for the implementation of Amoris Laetitia. 

At RNS, Mark Silk on Tony Perkins and theodicy: Turns out, not all floods are a sign of God's wrath after all. The story puts in mind of Voltaire, but it put me in mind of Moliere's "Tartuffe." 

From Politico, Trump now has regrets. After months of saying he never has regrets. Could his abysmal poll numbers be the cause? If the American people buy this nonsense, they will buy anything and I will meet you all in Quebec. 

Sending you all into the weekend with something beautiful, Bach's c minor prelude BWV 546:

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