Links for 08/22/16

In this morning's Washington Post, Chris Cillizza applauds the decision by NPR to shut down the comment section on their articles. I do too. The money quote:

What I also came to realize — thanks to the rise of software that allowed real-time quantitative analysis of who was reading what — was that the number of people commenting was minuscule compared with the overall audience for the blog. It was like my freshman year of college. I assumed everyone was going out every night and getting drunk because the people who were doing that were SO DAMN LOUD about it. Only later did I realize that the loud, party-all-the-time crowd was a minority and that there were lots of people who rolled their eyes at them.

At Politico, one very real sign that this election is not over and the Democrats should stop trying to calculate how many percentage points by which Hillary Clinton will win. Real people are registering to vote, and they are registering Republican, not just telling a pollster what they think they should say. 

At the National Catholic Register, Msgr. Charles Pope has another public meltdown. So much for the "Joy of the Gospel." Seriously, though, persecution? I would note that the Register is now owned by EWTN and they get a lot of funding from the Knights of Columbus. The question is: Are the Knights getting their money's worth? Is this the kind of hysterical nonsense they want to fund? Is this in tune with what Pope Francis is talking about? 

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