Links for 09/02/16

At Commonweal, John Gehring delivers some good, robust thoughts on the alliance between organized labor and organized religion (that would be us RCs) in advance of Labor Day. I have less and less confidence in the ability of the Democratic Party to become the vehicle for social justice, especially in the economic realm, unless labor and religion links arms and force the powers that be to confront the insane inequities of our current economic zeitgeist. Need an example? The smartest article on the moral stakes in the election this year came from the pen of Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO and it was published right here at NCR.  

From the "oldie but goodie file," and in line with my morning post, at the Huffington Post, Cardinal Luis Tagle and NCR's own Tom Gallagher on the role of faith at the Paris Climate Talks.

Catholics 4 Trump? Funny that they have a website but no one wants to put their name on the organization. 

As survivors of the Shoah and its aftermath die off, and our culture shifts from memory to history, the need to preserve the emotional power of the tragedy is difficult and necessary. This article at the Washington Post about the last prosecutor at Nuremberg gets it right. 

For Labor Day, Leonard Cohen sings "Solidarity Forever"


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