Links for 09/07/16

The Washington Post ran a beautiful anti-abortion story, and they did not even realize it. How many people abort children with Down's Syndrome? And, why? Because they can. The fact that the editors published the article without even thinking of the ramifications is stunning. 

More from the Catholic voter guide front: The Ignatian Solidarity Network has published an "Ignatian Examen for Civic Life" to help voters reflect on Gospel values as they prepare to vote in November. I am sure the good Jesuits care about the environment, and that their examen will reflect the importance of the issue of care for creation in forming our consciences about voting, but regrettably, they only commit their examen to paper. 

In the file "the perils of polling" we find this article from Politico in which the problems with the big CNN/Survey monkey poll are exposed: It s not just the size of the sample, it is the demographic make u of the electorate you expect that drives the numbers. No one knows how many white voters with no college education will show up on Nov. 8, but pollsters have to assume that they do know this. So, if they constitute half of al voters, as the poll assumes, Trump wins the poll by 2 points, but if white voters with no college education show up in the same percentages that they did in 2012, Clinton wins by four points in the same poll.

Blessings on Mark Silk at RNS for responding to Cardinal Raymond Burke's unhelpful comments about Islam. Couldn't have skewered HE better myself.

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