Links for 09/12/16

by Michael Sean Winters

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At Politico, the Clinton campaign acknowledges they did not do a great job handling her “health incident.” Really? In addition to displaying the typical penchant for secrecy AGAIN, why not remind people that Churchill had pneumonia twice during World War II, as well as two heart attacks, remained in office, and lived another twenty years.

At this past weekend’s Port Royal Reunion for Jansenists, I mean the “Values Voters Summit,” white evangelicals find themselves looking to Trump as their only hope for securing a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. I would note that the court is the least small ‘d’ democratic branch of government, but that Trump might give the justices a run for their money if he were to win the White House. In any event, it is appalling to see religious people making a religious justification for their vote for this man. NPR has the story. 

I thought I had linked to this last week but evidently not, and it is related to the item above. At NPR, Scott Simon interviewed longtime politics reporter Ron Fournier. I especially like this money quote from Fournier towards the end of the interview, which reinforces a point I have made time and time again:

So we can respect and even like the people we cover. But that doesn't mean you let them get away with wrongdoing. And I think that's one problem in our politics - is too many Democrats let Hillary Clinton get away with this email stuff.

They didn't stand up last February. And too many Republicans walked away from the fight with Donald Trump. And they let a guy who, you know, most Americans don't think is ready to be president - to be their nominee. And until we start holding our own guys and gals accountable, neither one of these parties is ever going to be functional.


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