Links for 09/13/16

At Commonweal, Rick Garnett eloquently displays the angst of a conservative Republican Catholic this election cycle. I do not share his view that Mrs. Clinton is spectacularly worse than most politicians, but I share his concerns about her character. I just think the rest of them are as bad, and on both sides of the aisle. But, the issue Garnett raises that needs examination is whether or not Republicans should resist or work with a Clinton administration. The founders wanted checks and balances, but nowhere did they advocate paralysis. I worry that if we have another four years of total inaction by the federal government, Garnett's party will conclude that the problem this year was the messenger not the message, and try to out-Trump Trump four years hence. 

Our friends at LifeSiteNews think Cardinal Raymond Burke has "destroyed" his former classmate Archbishop Blase Cupich in an essay designed to minimize the significance of Amoris Laetitia. As I explained this morning, I suspect Archbishop Cupich is the one who is making the arguments that the Church needs and that will win the day. 

At Vatican Insider, Andrea Tornielli on the pope's letter to the Argentine bishops about Amoris. Let's hope the USCCB ad hoc committee is listening. 


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