Links for 09/30/16

From our friends at the Africa Faith & Justice Network and the Oakland Institute, a report on the involvement of the U.S. embassy in Cameroon helping a land grab. Your tax dollars at work. Land grab is one of the issues that is only going to grow in frequency and importance unless our friends at Foggy Bottom get their act together. 

At Commonweal, Tony Annett on the need for the United States to move forward on climate change and fast. Annett has become one of Catholicism's foremost voices on the need to confront climate change and will be speaking later today at a conference at Georgetown on the subject, which is why I am posting early: I need to get cross town to the conference.

At Politico, Donald is tweeting again. I don't want to jinx it, but I can't think of a more sure fire way to guarantee his defeat than to let that man at his own twitter account first thing in the morning! And, following on my post yesterday, I ask my Republican friends: Is it not time to withdraw your endorsements? Do you really want a president who is willing to attack a beauty pageant winner from twenty years back?

At the Nation, Richard Trumka reflects on the pope's visit to the U.S. one year later. Is it just me or has Trumka offered some of the most profound moral reflections on the election of any public figure this year? And, yes, that includes our bishops!  

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