Links for 10/04/16

Good news on the debt front: The International Monetary Fund is extending a no interest loan program for poor countries for at least a couple more years. Here is the statement from IMF Director Christine Lagarde. And kudos to JubileeUSA and other religious groups that fight on these issues day in and day out. 

It appears that the nice people at Rorate Coeli are clueless. They think the appointment of Bishop Michael Burbridge to Arlington shows a lack of influence on the part of Cardinal Donald Wuerl. I am betting that this appointment, like them all, satisfies Cardinal Wuerl just fine. What the people at Rorate don't understand is that how a bishop has handled the Traditional Latin Mass is not on the top ten concerns faced by the Congregation for Bishops. Let me also wish Bishop Paul Loverde well in retirement. He is a lovely man who had an unenviable job and he did it as well as can be expected. 

With all the focus on swing states like Ohio and Florida, I think real story in the polls this week is that states like Pennsylvania are breaking heavily towards Clinton: Monmouth has her up by 10 points today. Trump needs to flip one of the big and normally blue Rustbelt states (MN, WI, MI, and PA) and Fivethirtyeight now has her at 70 percent odds to win all of them.  


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