Links for 10/14/16

At RNS, the always insightful Mark Silk shares his Yom Kippur atonement ideas for Election 2016.

From Politico, Jerry Falwell Jr. stands by Trump while, at the Washington Post, students at Liberty University protest Falwell's stance. This is huge. When I spent time on that campus working on my biography of Falwell, I couldn't imagine the students protesting the school's chancellor or, for that matter, anyone in the Falwell clan. Trump ruins everything he touches. 

And, the award for worst political commentary by a Catholic bishop goes to.....Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver. The only issue that matters is abortion, with religious liberty, as understood by the culture warrior bishops, a close second. At least his predecessor is fun to read. This is dull as well as wrong-headed. 

From our sister publication: GSR in the Classroom is a supplementary curriculum for use in Catholic middle and high schools and faith formation programs. Learn more.

And, at Slate, I missed this a couple of week's back, but a great story on young people and the pro-life issue. There are opportunities here, provided we can grab the issue away from the partisans who have been trying, and failing, to have a more pro-life polity for decades. 


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