Links for 10/17/16

It looks like NCR's Joshua McElwee struck a nerve with his interview with Cardinal-designate Kevin Farrell. Over at 1 Peter 5 they are in full meltdown mode. 

You have to admire Raymond Arroyo, the boyish demagogue of EWTN, for his consistency. No one can say he shifts in the wind. Here is a tweet on the new cardinals that shows what he thinks of the selections. He had Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann on the show last week and it was almost sad. 

At Politico, Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by fifty points among Latinos. Four years ago, Obama beat Romney by forty-six points and that was enough to tip states like Nevada and Virginia and Florida into the win column for the Democrats. Key is going to be turnout. 

At America, Michael O'Loughlin reports on Cardinal-designate Joe Tobin's speech on resettling refugees, delivered at Notre Dame last Friday. And here is the video of the speech (the intros begin at the 11 minute mark):


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