Links for 10/18/16

At Commonweal, Anthony Annett on the faux scandal about Catholics who work for Clinton talking about Catholicism. Annett never holds back and he is spot on about the hypocrisy of conservative RCs complaining about the political activity of liberal Catholics. Next thing you know, we will learn that is gambling going on at Rick's. 

Eye of the Tiber does a deep dive into the leaked emails, and unearths a series that shows Hillary Clinton's ancestors plotted to form the Society of Jesus. Indeed!

At Politico, Donald Trump is now complaining that other Republicans are not buying his claims that the election is rigged. Archbishop Kurtz, call you office: You and other religious leaders can help validate this election, once it is finished, by issuing a congratulatory telegram to whomever wins, and accepting the result. 

In line with my morning post about funeral liturgies, here is a recording of "Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah":



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