Links for 11/01/16

In this morning's Washington Post, Michael Gerson, who has been the voice of conscience for the country this election season, on the unsuitability of our choices but the preponderance of reasons not to vote for Trump. Partisans on both sides will not like what Gerson has to say, which is one big reason he is so worth listening to. 

At the Catholic Health Association website, Meghan Clark of St. John's University, on the intersection of Catholic social doctrine and health care issues. A question for the bishops at their upcoming plenary: In your singular focus on the HHS contraception mandate, how have you, as a conference, addressed these other issues pertaining to health care in your teaching and in the lobbying efforts on your behalf? I need scarcely add that Clark again displays why she is one of the rising stars of the Catholic theological firmament. 

At CNN, Dan Burke on Hillary Clinton's public and private faith, a distinction, I would add, we RCs do not admit. 

On this great feast, Ralph Vaughn Williams great hymn, Sine Nomine:



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