Links for 11/02/16

If you are addicted to checking Nate Silver's blog, as I am, you have grown worried. It is not just that Clinton's chances of winning are now below 70 percent in al three analytic approaches, it is that the "polls plus" analytic now has Florida and North Carolina narrowly in the Trump column. Until last week, Clinton had a better shot at taking North Carolina than Trump did of winning Ohio, and that made me sleep easy at night. Next Tuesday is going to be close. 

And, in case anyone needed a reminder of what is at stake, this report at Politico on white nationalists' plans to monitor minority voting places shows just how vital it is that the country reject Trump. The more decisive the defeat, the less likely we are to see headlines like this, headlines I never thought I would see in my lifetime. 

From the file "better to keep quiet," Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois explains who he thinks Catholics must vote in this election. He fails to answer one critical question: How on earth will Trump benefit the pro-life cause?  The man ruins everything he touches, except his own bank account. Pitiable. And, to think this man once thought he should return to Chicago! At least the Holy Spirit got to vote in that selection!




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