Links for 11/07/16

I was wrong this morning: The alt-right affiliations and sympathies may not be the most important reason to defeat Donald Trump. At the New York Times, they provide an inside look and analysis of his psychological state in the last days of the campaign. It is not comforting. 

At the National Catholic Register, publisher Michael Warsaw announces he is "outraged" about the Wikileaks emails about Clinton advisors discussing the Catholic Church. Really? Outraged that there are Catholics who hold the views expressed? Or is Warsaw just singing to his choir of rightwing RCs? The Register and EWTN have made their presidential preference pretty clear. You almost wish Trump could lose the election badly, but somehow he could be their president, so they could see up close and personal what it is like to work for someone with so little impulse control and so many nasty views. And, I repeat the question I posed last week: Why is a bishop of teh Catholic Church doing an ad for the Register? 

The Vatican, unlike the USCCB, has no problem distancing itself from rightwing zaniness perpetrated in a Catholic media outlet. This report from the BBC on the Vatican denouncing Radio Maria for its anti-gay foolishness gives me hope for the future.

Last week, I said I did not know much about Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport, who is one of the two candidates to lead the USCCB Committee on Evangelization. A reader kindly emailed me this video of Bp Caggiano delivering a sermon at vespers. He gets my vote:




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