Links for 11/08/16

At Vox, Ezra Klein has one of the smartest pieces written about the election I have read all year. His diagnosis is that we have a real problem in America today, namely, that we have weak parties and strong partisanship. Specifically, the Republican Party has no control over whom it nominates, making the possibility of a demagogue real. 

In case you missed the press conference in Newark yesterday, here is the text of Cardinal designate Joe Tobin's remarks. I especially call attention to his beautiful comments on the double miracle at Pentecost and to his sane, balanced comments on liberty. He is a rockstar. 

At the Washington Post, Michael Gerson on the need to heal the nation, and the near impossibility of doing so. The quote from Learned Hand is worth the price of admission, but the whole article is another example of why Gerson has been the most thoughtful commentator on the right or left all year. Gerson for President in 2020!

Note to Readers: I will be live blogging tonight.

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