Links for 11/14/16

Our Republican friends went in to a hissy fit when someone, not a Catholic, emailed John Podesta calling for reforms in the Catholic Church. There were other emails among Catholics who worked for Clinton that reflected the kind of conversation you hear over coffee in the church hall in many parishes. But, this, we were told, was "outrageous" and "offensive." Archbishop Kurtz even issued a statement and made a video denouncing the emails. A friend reminded me of what Steve Bannon, now to serve as chief strategist to President Trump, had to say about Catholics: "I understand why Catholics want as many Hispanics in this country as possible because the church is dying in this country, right, if it was not for the Hispanics." He also attacked Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for "rubbing his social-justice Catholicism in my nose every second." Here is the original story at The Hill. Will Archbishop Kurtz issue a statement? Will there be outrage about this? 

At NewsTaco, Cong. Ruben Gallego of Arizona is thinking of entering the race to become head of the Democratic National Committee. To win his seat in Congress, Gallego had to first take on the establishment and monied interests in the Democratic Party. Sounds like the kind of guy the members of the DNC might want to seriously consider. 

At Millennial, Meghan Clark on the first step toward national unity: Protecting vulnerable communities. At WTOP, a report on vandals who spray painted "Trump nation; Whites only" on a largely Hispanic Episcopalian church yesterday. Let's hope the police catch the perps, and then we can all watch a trial in which spray painting the name of the president constitutes a hate crime. One good sign? They knew to attack a church. I predict the Christian Church will distinguish itself in its protection of minorities in the coming years.


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