Links for 11/16/16

by Michael Sean Winters

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At First Things, Michael Novak delivers his sigh of relief about the loss of Hillary Clinton. It is appalling. He writes: "Whatever the inward intentions of President-elect Trump, one of the consequences of his shocking victory is the possibility of a reprieve from the death sentence otherwise awaiting millions more unborn persons." Possibility would be the operative word there. His characterization of the issues in this election is stunning in its narrowness. It is an embarrassment that this man is now teaching at the bishops' own university. 

At America, John Carr delivers his analysis of the incoming administration and the challenges the Church is likely to face. Carr always strives for balance, which is normally to be commended, but the truth is that the present situation is worse than Carr allows.

MediaMatters reports on Steve Bannon, the man whispering in the ear of the president-elect, and his attacks on the Catholic Church. I also call attention to his thoughts on Jews. Let everyone recognize that cozying up to Trump means legitimizing the man who is bringing all this evil into the White House, and it is not guilt by association to say so. Unlike all the feigned outrage over emails sent to John Podesta, Steve Bannon produced this stuff. 

At Politico, a report on Ilyse Hogue contemplating a run for chair of the Democratic National Convention. Hogue is the executive director of NARAL and she bragged about her abortion at the Democratic convention this summer. I am sure putting her in charge of the DNC will help win back those rural voters. Insanity.  I will have more on the DNC race when I get back from the consistory. 


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