Links for 11/22/16

At Millennial, Meghan Clark has another great article on the election, this time focusing on the inexplicable silence of Church leaders on the subject of sexual assault. 

At TPM, how the Koch Brothers are planning to direct the agenda in Donald Trump's Washington. They were not supporting him during the campaign, and I had thought their might be hope for their souls. I was wrong. 

At Politico, evidence that my fear the normalization of Donald Trump has begun: His poll numbers are moving up. Of course, the fact that one in six Americans think things might improve on his watch is a sad indication of how badly out of touch the government has been from the lives of ordinary Americans. I thought Obama said good policy was good politics? More on this in the weeks ahead as the Dems seek to chart a direction out of their wreckage. 

On this feast of St. Cecilia, Haydn's "Te Deum":

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