Links for 12/07/16

At UVAToday, a profile of Professor Nicole Flores, one of the bright young Catholic theologians making a name for herself. Nicole is a regular participant in the Catholic Conversation Project, an annual meeting of young theologians I am privileged to attend. It is thrilling to see someone like her making such an impression on the campus of Mr. Jefferson's University. 

At the USCCB, plans for a day of solidarity and prayer with immigrants and their families on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Catholics should find an event near you and turn out en masse, not only to let our immigrant brothers and sisters know that we will stand with them, but to send a message to you know who!

More Kudos for Bishop Robert McElroy in the form of another attack from LifeSiteNews. This time they object to his praise for a parish that, heaven forfend, has a welcoming attitude towards gay and lesbian Catholics. Do the people at LifeSite think parishes should be unwelcoming? 

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