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Memorial Day Greetings

It seems bad form to say "Happy Memorial Day" given the somber central theme of the day. It used to bother me that a day set aside for remembering veterans has become a day for BBQs and the beach. But, while I hope everyone takes the time to offer a prayer for our veterans today, I have come to the conclusion that celebrating with friends and family is a perfect way to commemorate the sacrifices made by our veterans. They served precisely so that we can be free to gather with friends and loved ones when and how we wish. They served so that we can set about our daily lives free from the tyrannies with which history is riddled. It is wrong to say that our veterans served, and died, for backyard BBQs, but it is not wrong to say that they served and died for the rest of us to pursue happiness with our loved ones.

"Distinctly Catholic" will be back tomorrow. Enjoy the day.



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