More Conservative Angst About Francis

The National Catholic Register, and its owners EWTN, appear to be campaigning for the job of dissenters-in-chief. Of course, that label was hurled against NCR, our NCR, for years, so it will at least be fun to see how the shoe fits on the right foot instead of the left. But, who in their, ehem, right mind could look out at the Church and be concerned about Pope Francis and the effect he is having on the Church? The answer: Pat Archbold whose latest post is filled with angst and agita. I agree with him that leaving the Church is never an option. (cf. John 6:68) But, why does the prospect of the Church looking for ways to better exercise the power of the keys regarding those whose marriages have failed scare the daylights of out Archbold and others? And, it is abundantly clear that Archbold and others who share his concerns know precious little about how the Church has applied its teaching on the indissolubility of marriage over the years. They should do their homework and, if needed, bring their study materials with them into the Catholic cafeteria because that is clearly where they are now.

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