Moynihan on Global Warming 40 Years Ago

The late Senator Daniel Patrick Monyihan was prescient about many things, and his prescience often cost him many barbs from entrenched interests all around the ideological spectrum. But, the Huffington Post has an item up at their website which shows Moynihan was discussing global warming while serving in the Nixon administration almost forty years ago. Today’s fire-breathing conservatives, including Robert George’s American Principles Project which cited Sen. Inhofe as an expert on global warming, will not be satisfied with this new piece of evidence that global warming is not part of a socialist plot. And, the rest of us do not need further proof. Still, it is interesting to note how far today’s GOP has come from the Nixon years when universal health insurance, environmental protection and, now, global warming were considered on the policy merits and not as items in conservative ideological foolishness.

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