New Definitions of \"Good Day\" and \"Bad\"

Yesterday was a "good day." Why? Because Georgetown lost of course.

It is the season to be jolly, but just as important, it is the season for college basketball. And, so, a "good day" is one in which UConn wins and/or georgetown or Syracuse or Pitt loses. A bad day is when UConn loses. A great day is when UConn beats Georgetown or Syracuse or Pitt or, especially, Duke!

If you are not much of a sports fan, I commend college basketball to you precisely because, on any given day, any team in the top 100 can beat any other team. It is not like professional sports where a team owner can buy his way into the final rounds (if not always the title, no matter how the Yankees try!). UConn was not ranked at the beginning of the year, but after knocking off two teams ranked in the Top Ten in its first week, it is proving the experts wrong.

This does not reflect ill on the expertise of the people who make the ratings, it is just an indication of how fluid the sport is.

Which makes for some great games. Which means, every night for the next few months, by about 8 p.m., me head will not be buried in a book, my butt will be planted on the sofa and I will be watching the greatest sport in America today. Go Huskies!

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