Plague on Both Houses

I really don't like Laurence O'Donnell whose "Last Word" show closes out MSNBC's lineup. But in this segment last night, he quotes Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council who, quite wrongly, says that marriage has "always" been one man and one woman. This is demonstrably false as a quick read of the Old Testament would point out. But, then O'Donnell goes on to champion our modern idea that marriage should be about love, he neglects to mention that the idea of one man and one woman might also be part of the "progress" he otherwise sees in modernity.

In the days and weeks ahead, I am afraid that the debate over same sex marriage will bring out the dumbest, ugliest, most bigoted commentaries, and these will be found on the left as well as the right. Here is the episode. As much as Perkins is not to my taste, O'Donnell is even worse.

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