RCIA Shout Out

Last night, I gave the talk on the Triduum for the RCIA at St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington. I confess, whenever I talk about the Triduum, about putting ourselves into the event that is the Paschal Mystery, I get choked up at times. And, I also get choked up seeing all these people who want to join the Church: They put in lots of hours thinking about this, learning the catechism, and they are so enthusiastic. I know the neo-phytes think that it is us old folks in the Church who are giving them something by teaching them about the faith, but it is really they who give us old-timers a much more valuable gift: Their faith, in all its freshness, reminds us all that when we hear the Easter Gospel, and the words, "Why do you seek the living amonst the dead? He is not here," we must hear those words as words freshly spoken. So, thank you RCIA neo-phytes and sponsors. It was a joy to share a few hours with you and I look forward to witnessing your baptism at the Great Vigil.

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