Romney Gives Obama an \"F\"

I think Mitt Romney's charge that President Obama is "ineffective" runs at cross-purposes with the general GOP indictment of the President, which is that Obama is a threat precisely because he has been effective. After all, this is the President who achieved universal health care reform, a goal that has eluded several Presidents of both parties in the past and which, according to current GOP mythology, threatens the very fabric of our society. Which is it? Threat or ineffective?
Of course, Romney focused his remarks on the President's inability to lower the unemployment rate. But, the real way to address the ailing economy, with good old-fashioned Keynesianism, is no longer possible with the GOP in control of the House. Does anyone really think that cutting taxes for zillionaires will create more jobs? That's dreaming.
Reforming the tax code, simplifying it, that will help small businesses achieve a more level playing field against the large corporate interests with the lobbyists and lawyers and accountants all trying to get special tax treatment from the government. But, the fact is that a business hires more employees when the amount of their business activity demands it. Of course, a small businessman is mindful of his payroll expenses, including the taxes he must pay on wages. But, you get another waiter, or another mechanic, or another sales clerk when you have more customers, not because Bill Gates just got a tax cut.

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