SCOTUS, Immigration & the Red Mass

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear Arizona's objections to a Ninth Circuit Court ruling that invalidated tha state's vicious anti-immigrant statute. I will leave it to the lawyers to argue the due process and 10th amendment issues, but upon reading the news this morning, I did have one idea. Every October, the John Carroll Society here in DC sponsors the annual Red Mass at the start of the judicial term. Many of the Supreme Court justices attend as do other prominent members of the judiciary, executive and legislative branches. With such an audience, the pulpit that day is one of the most prominent that can be afforded and the John Carroll Society should offer it next year to Archbishop Jose Gomez, the Archbishop of Los Angeles and a leading champion of immigrant rights. The Mass will be subsequent to their decision, and I am not sure anything Abp Gomez or the USCCB says would affect the Court's decision. But, those justices who side with Arizona should at the very least anticipate being mighty uncomfortable for half an hour next October.

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