Sementelli Calls Out Robbie George

Also at Faith in Public Life, Nick Sementelli calls out Catholic neo-con activist Robbie George for his role as a board member of the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation which has gotten into the ugly, and unChristian, business of funding anti-Muslim groups.

Now, all of us belong to groups that do things that make us hold our noses some times. And, I will never fault anyone for playing the inside game in politics, secular or ecclesiastical: For all we know, Professor George has been a moderating voice on that board and, if this is the case, more power to him for staying in the game and trying to bring the voice of reason to bear.

But, Professor George is fond of calling out Catholics who support Democrats in spite of their pro-choice position. He not only has the right to do so, he is right to do so. Catholics who vote for pro-choice politicians really should think long and hard about such support. Each of us may reach different, prudential conclusions about those for whom we vote: They may be pro-choice, but do we really expect any pro-life policies from their opponents to be successful? What is the cost of even appearing to be indifferent to the pro-life issue? Is my vote being taken for granted? These are the kinds of questions those of us who are pro-life, yet find ourselves drawn to vote for Democrats, must ask. This blog has certainly not been shy about asking such questions during the complicated debates, requiring prudential judgment, regarding the health care law, conscience protections, and the like.

I would welcome a reply from Professor George about his involvement with the Bradley Foundation and their funding of groups that spread lies about Muslims. Frank Gaffney says some of the most hateful things I have ever heard and I would decline to be associated with him for almost any reason. Professor George may have his reasons, and if he were a mere professor, he would be entitled to keep those reasons to himself. But, insofar as he fancies himself a public intellectual, his reasons should be made public on this score. We're waiting.

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