Strike Five on Perry

by Michael Sean Winters

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First came the charge that Ben Bernanke was going to commit treason by regulating the money supply (which is sort of what a Fed Chairman does). Second, came the attack on scientists who "manipulate" data to prove global warming. Then, the claim that the Texas school teach both creationism and evolution and that the governor has more than a few reservations about evolution. Fourth, was Perry's contention that Social Security is "unconstitutional" and a "ponzi scheme." Now he wants to repeal the 16th Amendment which permits the government to institute an income tax. The 16th Amendment was "the great milestone on the road to serfdom." Hmmmm. I have never met a serf, and there is no documentary evidence that serfs ever existed in the U.S. nor that the framers of the 16th Amendment had serfdom as one of their goals. But, if memory serves, serfdom bound a peasant to a piece of property, and it had nothing to do with taxes. But, in the whacky world that is the mind of Gov. Rick Perry, it is all the same so long as you get a cute turn of phrase.
Strike Five. How many strikes does it take before someone calls this guy out. Or, better yet, before we start calling him Mssr. Antoinette.

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