Pauline Hovey is a writer living in Las Cruces, New Mexico, at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Letting go and giving all to God in 2021

Soul Seeing: Surprisingly, the tempestuous time of the past year taught me how to live a more grounded life in 2021. The key is to release my grip on the helm and trust in the providence of God.


Wade in the water, wait in Juárez

Soul Seeing: Wait in Mexico? They have been waiting. Especially the Guatemalans, the Hondurans, the Salvadorans. Waiting for justice and safety that do not exist. Waiting for hope that may never materialize.


Tend to what repulses you

Soul Seeing: Sometimes, to be in service to love goes well beyond being inconvenienced. Sometimes it smells like feet that have been stuffed into shoes worn for weeks on end. 


Lazarus at our gate

Soul Seeing: I wonder what Jesus' parable would be about the poor outside our gate in the 21st century. What would he say about causing more harm to those who have suffered so much already?