+Turkson - 1; American Papist - 0

Remember last week when certain hard-breathing conservatives, more devoted to the economic Gospel according to von Mises, were thrilled to discover, via Vaticanista Sandro Magister, that Cardinal Bertone, the Holy See's Secretary of State, was so upset with the recent "note" from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace that he ordered a ban on the release of any documents unless they had been cleared by his office? The suggestion was that the Vatican was deeply ambivalent about the "note" drafted by Cardinal Peter Turkson's Council and that +Turkson had erred grievously. Here is the American Papist's rant.

Well, according to John Thavis, it turns out that Bertone's order was in response to an entirely different document, the Pope's annual message on the World Day for Migrants and Refugees, which had mistakenly been posted on the Vatican website without prior approval. Cardinal Turkson's document had gone through all the complicated channels by which Vatican documents are brought to birth.

The Papist finished his tirade with these words which, sort of like Newt Gingrich's commentary on the evil complicity of politicians with Freddie Mac, now seem wildly ironic:

So, for all the liberal Catholics who tried to claim that this white paper represented the thought and position of the “Vatican” and Pope Benedict, what do you have to say now?

Once again, we see that orthodox Catholics didn’t twist and misrepresent the Church’s teaching on an important issue … liberal Catholics did.

It’s time for liberal Catholics to own up to their mistaken interpretation of this white paper. I’ll be waiting.

So shall we all.

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