The Verdict in Cairo

In 2005, Mohamed Morsi was in prison and Hosni Mubarak was President of Egypt. As of yesterday, Morsi is President and Mubarak is in prison.

It remains to be seen how much power Morsi can and will exercise. The ruling military, and courts appointed by the former regime, recently disbanded parliament, asserted the rights of the military leadership, and ordered a new constitution. But, two things are clear. Had the military declared Morsi the loser, and tried to install former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, there would have been blood instead or fireworks in Tahrir Square last night. And, Morsi delivered precisely the kind of unifying speech such a moment demanded. To be clear, it was SUCH a moment. Egypt, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, had never given the civis any say in who should lead the country. If Mosri's actions can match his words, Egypt can take a big step towards peace both within its borders and with its powerful neighbor Israel.

The second thing that is certain? Tonight and for the rest of the campaign, Sean Hannity and his Fox News friends will be warning about the Muslim Brotherhood, and, a la Bp Bruskewitz, finding ways to mention the words "Muslim" and "Obama" in the same breath as often as possible. The next few months will resemble the "Who Lost China?" debate of the 1950s, at least on Fox News. It is strange indeed that those who claim to champion democracy are so quick to denounce its workings in Egypt. Fear is their name and their mantra.

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