WaPo on Gay Catholics

Michelle Boorstein, at the Washington Post, on gay Catholics and the D.C. Chapter of Dignity. The one factual mistake in the piece if this: "Americans have quickly opened to gay equality while the most recent church teachings call gay people 'disordered.'" As I noted in my review of Lou Cameli's new book, and as Cameli notes, the Church does not call any person "disordered" but does teach that the inclination to homosexuality is disordered, and even that is open to misunderstanding because the word in common usage is not the same thing as the word in theological usage. But, this gets to a key point: The whole "hate the sin but love the sinner" mantra has more than a whiff of a Kantian differentiation of a person and his or her acts which is not tenable. The judgment of the act falls on the person and so, understandably, people feel that they have been labeled "disordered." That said, Boorstein's piece is an interesting read. 

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