Zulsdorf Nails It (Unintentionally)

Father John Zuhlsdorf has a little post entitled "A study in contrasts, or why we need Summorum Pontificum and the Corrected Translation." Blissfully, and uncharacteristically, Zuhlsdorf provides little commentary in the post, he just puts up two photographs, one showing a woman carrying a bowl of incense at the recent Los Angeles Catholic Education Conference and the other an old painting of a traditional Latin Mass. The contrast is, indeed, jarring, but not for the reason Zuhlsdorf thinks. The woman with the incense is participating at a Mass where thousands of people joined in; the celebration was, by all accounts, very faith-filled for all. Newly installed Archbishop Gomez said "I have been amazed" by the gathering. In contrast, the print of the old Mass shows a few lonely souls gathered around the altar.
And, there is one other difference - in the photo of the LA conference there is a bishop presiding. Zuhlsdorf and his ilk can't get it through their heads, but most bishops I know understand, that there simply are not many people crying out for the Traditional Latin Mass. A few here and a few there, and bless them, let them have their Mass. But, in the sprawling, largely Latino archdiocese of Los Angeles, I suspect there are other pressing needs, to say nothing of more vital communities of faith.
And, we are still waiting for the Paulus Institute and Zuhlsdorf to produce the letter from Rome explaining what the "changed circumstances" were regarding the decision to cancel the Traditional Latin Mass in Washington this month that really did draw a lot of people last year. Could it be that Rome is a bit less interested in promoting the agenda of the traditionalists than the traditionalists have been willing to let on?

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